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Zarko Ljubic - Mr.Bluesfinger





Zarko Ljubic-Kirby ( Mr. Bluesfinger) was born in 1949., and plays guitar since 1963 . He started as a member of several Zagreb (Croatia) local groups. He founded local "Group 107" with it performed in Slovenia & Croatia at local dance events. In winter 1967 Mr.Toni Sabol (singer & keyboard player- founder of "The Creeps") heard him play in Zagreb "Student Center", and offered him to join "The Creeps" in Italy . In the famous club "Numero 1 " he performed with "The Creeps" for one year. Kirby participated in many jam-sessions but particularly with well known American jazz&gospel group "The Peter's Sisters". Over several years he performed in Italy, France, Germany & Switzerland. After leaving "The Creeps" he lived and played for 5 years in the famous Cairo (Egypt) old hotel "The Hilton on The Nile ". In 1974 he returned to Zagreb and continued to perform with group " Tony Studeny & New robots" . he later founded several bands such as "Duo Bluefinger" with his good friend Boris Bursac . over 15 years he played in several clubs & restaurants in Zagreb and abroad. Recently, in club "SAX" he played solo , playing acoustic blues . Now he gigs with his OLD BLUES BAND ( Zarko Ljubic= acoustic guitars; vocal ; Vedran Kustrak- upright bass; Marko Tankovic- electric guitar ;Boris Bursac- keyboards ).
Mr.Bluesfinger recorded for his label " " project named MIDNIGHT BLUES See his profile on Mr.Bluesfinger on Facebook.



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