GIBSON ES-137 Classic Custom Shop year = 2011 original wiring
I tried to find factory wiring for this guitar but no schemantics on GIBSON  official web site. Also no information on  web. Here some photos of original wiring . Guitar must be rewired so that neck PU 490R is replaced and installed , while bridge PU 498T  is taken out and rewired, and than wiring harness is installed in the body. God news is that wodwork and materials GIBSON Memphis used are wery good and this guitar deserves better PU & simplified ES-175 wiring. Here is how I rewired and upgraded my  guitar. First  tailpiece should be changed to ABM fingerstyle -gold the one  used on Howard Roberds Fusion III . That is because sound is radically different  more like ES-335 & ES-175. Howard Robers Fusion III does not use  wood block inside and sound is  more like ES-175 but  upgrading  to fingerstyle tailpiece is much better. Also change the bridge to ABM roller 2400  -gold. This  makes ES-137  look and sound close to Howard Roberts Fusion III although  it is  slightly larger  than Fusion model. Next here is how I rewired the guitar in photos :

 Gibson ES-137 view  ES-137  factory wiring ES-137 original  tone caps    ES-137 original ground wire wiring   

New ES-137  modified wiring
The original factory wiring is very complicated due to fact that uses very small tone caps that cost maybe 5 cents each and are attached on tone pots, versus caps connected between volume and tone pots. Original factory volume & tone pots are 500 kOhm. Original neck PU 490R is aprox 8 KOhms and bridge PU 498T is 14 KOhms. I replaced neck PU with DiMarzio PAF Pro 4 conductor PU 7,8 KOhms having the same south magnetic polarity as GIBSON 490R.  I wired it using push-pull pot as per schemantic from Smith's photo in order to get coil split and humbucking sounds. Each coil can be a single coil and mixed with hummbuckig sound. Only drawback is that you cannot turn down volume on this neck PU however, you can easily switch to middle position turning down completely volume of bridge PU. I put new caps 1 Ruby .22mF on neck PU and one .47 mF on the bridge tone pot.However I wil replace them with Russian PIO Capacitor K40Y-9 Series 200V 0.22~1uf . This mod gives ES-175 humbucking sound, ES-335 and LP humbucking sound and close to ES-175 single coil sounds. This modification turns this nice guitar into really multiple sounds fusion guitar.

ES-137 new neck volume push-pull  wiring ES-137 new bridge PU wiring ES-137 complete new  wiring ES-137 new  wiring ready to install wiring 

For better images inspect photos on PHTOBUCKET :